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Tips to Enhance the Effectiveness of Dry Brushing

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

To enhance the effectiveness of the procedure, try the following tips.

Dry Brush Your Body before Showering

Always practice this procedure on your naked, dry body before taking a bath or a shower. A lot of debris of dead skin cells, dust, and dirt will come off your body when you finish brushing your body; you will want to get rid of it. If you brush your body after bathing or showering, you will have to shower again. It is therefore best to perform the practice before you shower so you clean your body and feel fresher right after doing it.

In addition, do not moisturize your body or apply any sort of oil or lotion on your body before you brush. A moist body makes it difficult to brush away the dead skin cells.

Keep the Pressure Light and Soft

If you are dry brushing your body for the first time, keep the pressure on the brush as soft and gentle as possible. Once you get used to it, keep the pressure light in areas that have soft and thin skin such as your breasts and genitals and make it harder on areas that have thicker skin such as the soles of the feet.

Avoid Brushing Areas with Sensitive, Damaged, or Broken Skin

If any part of your body has a wound, rashes, or is suffering from any sort of infection, avoid brushing it as it can aggravate the wounds. Do not dry brush any area of your skin affected by poison ivy or poison oak.

Brush the Body Parts Fewer Times in the Start

Although the procedure above asks you to rub the different parts of your body 2 to 7 times, you can as well brush every part once in the start. This keeps the practice short and simple making it less overwhelming for you. Naturally, when something feels simple to you, you find it easier to nurture its habit.

Implement these tips to make sure you do not hurt your body while dry brushing and so that you can reap its immense benefits. Brushing your face is as important as brushing your body. However, when it comes to brushing your face, you need to do it in a gentler manner. The next chapter tells you how to do that the right way.


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