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History Of Dry Brushing: How It Came Into Being

Many organs in your body— including your skin—aid the process of detoxification to keep your body fresh and healthy. To enhance the effectiveness of this process as undertaken by your skin as well as the rest of your body and to ensure your skin stays fresh, healthy and glowing, you should make dry brushing an integral part of your routine.

Dry brushing is a technique that, using a dry brush, requires you to brush your skin regularly. The strategy massages and exfoliates your skin as well as stimulates all the bodily organs involved in the detoxification of toxins.

Dry brushing gained popularity after Dr. Paavo Airola, a Finnish doctor who used it on his patients, publicized it. However, the surprising thing is that although the technique seems modern to many of us, it is actually centuries old. For centuries, the Egyptians, Scandinavians, Turks, and Russians have used it to exfoliate the skin, eliminate dead skin cells, and stimulate the renewal of skin.

According to the sources, ancient Egyptians are the pioneers of dry brushing. They used to dry brush the body and then use wine and sour milk to exfoliate it. To stay beautiful, Cleopatra, also called the Queen of Beauty, employed many natural techniques. Dry brushing was one of her most important skin care regimen.

Before bathing, ancient Romans and Greeks used Strigils, a weird looking tool that had a curved blade, to eliminate sweat, oil, and dirt. Many believe that Aristotle was a huge fan of this instrument and used it regularly.

In addition to the Greeks, the Turks, Russians, and Scandinavians have also used this technique for many centuries. The Chinese have also used this method for thousands of years with the Chinese version of this technique using dried fibers of silk squash, a gourd fruit, to dry brush the skin—what the west calls a loofah. In addition, this technique is also a prominent part of Ayurveda, a 5000-year old health care system practiced across the globe but particularly in India.

This shows that this technique has been in use for thousands of years and with time, it has traveled to different parts of the world and slowly gained more popularity.

Dry brushing is a skin care technique that many experts swear by and recommend to everyone. If this discussion has spiked your interest in the technique, move to the next chapter to find out the benefits of dry brushing technique.


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