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4 Main Benefits Of Dry Brushing

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

There are scores of reasons why you should make dry brushing a constant practice in your life. Let us look at the different benefits of this technique that make it so special and amazing.

1. Helps Eliminate Toxins from the Body

According to Dr. Denice Moffat, dry brushing helps your liver and kidneys eliminate toxins from the body by simply stimulating your skin. It also improves the functioning of your nervous system, stimulates your sweat glands, and improves the lymphatic system and flow to help you get a fresher, healthier skin—the Lymphatic system helps combat infections.

Different fluids flow throughout the system; the lymph nodes are responsible for filtering them. After exposure to numerous toxins that lead to sickness, the system is likely to clog up. This explains why, when you suffer from a cold, your lymph nodes swell up and become sore. Dry brushing helps your body release all the built up toxins through sweat.

The bristles of the brush used in dry brushing stimulate and open up the pores on the skin. This increases the pace at which your body produces and releases sweat. When your body releases more sweat, it also flushes out more toxins, which keeps your skin healthy and fresh.

2. Exfoliates Your Skin

In addition to aiding detoxification in the body and improving your lymphatic system, dry brushing is also a fantastic way to exfoliate your skin. When gently moved on your skin, the coarse bristles of the brush get rid of dead and dry cells. This helps your skin become smooth, supple, and fresh. This removal of dead skin cells also promote the renewal of skin cells, which makes your skin glow.

Moreover, constant brushing slowly tightens your skin, which helps you eliminate wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other signs of skin sagging and aging, thus helping you get a younger looking skin. The movement of the brush on the skin improves the skin’s elasticity and eliminates any bacteria living on your skin; this helps you get a youthful appearance. The removal of both alive and dead bacteria on your skin also prevents the formation of moles, fungus, skin tags, and warts. Moreover, the dry brushing improves the production of natural skin oils produced by your oil glands, which keeps it soft and smooth.

3. Improves Blood Flow and Helps You Relax

When you continuously brush your body with a brush, you stimulate blood flow throughout your body. This helps you fight stress and promotes relaxation throughout the body. The circular movements of the dry brush massage your skin and all your organs. This stimulates and relaxes them, which consequently helps your organs function better.

The movement of the brush or other exfoliation material stimulates acupuncture meridians on your body. This stimulation promotes the flow of blood and energy to glands and organs. It also increases the blood flow to your head and brain, which improves your overall cognition and memory and helps you think clearly. This also provides you with relief from severe and headaches.

Moreover, as blood flow improves, the body delivers more oxygen to your organs including the lungs, which improve their functioning. As blood circulation improves, your eyes receive more blood flow and nutrients, which improves your eyesight.

The movements of the brush also stimulate your kidneys. This purifies your kidneys of toxic materials including uric crystals, which improves the performance of your kidney and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

4. Helps Get Rid of Cellulite

Cellulite is a skin condition that affects more women than men. Areas affected by cellulite get a ‘cottage cheese’ like rippled appearance. While science is yet to pinpoint the exact cause of cellulite, studies show that massaging the areas helps reduce its appearance. There are claims that because dry brushing exfoliates your skin, it may loosen the cellulite and gradually decrease it over time.

All these reasons prove that dry brushing is indeed a wonderful technique that helps strengthen and improve your skin and the rest of your body too.

In the next chapter, we shall start our discussions on how you can start making this practice part of your life.


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